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Meet The Kitterman Family

Howard "Kitty" Kitterman

Anchor Inn Resort has a history dating back 10 decades to 1921. In the early 1950’s the Kitterman family from Earl Park, Indiana, became regular customers of the Northwoods Resort. Howard “Kitty” Kitterman told Ray and Nelle Chaplain, the resort’s second owners, if they were ever ready to sell the resort he would be interested. That offer became a reality

Bud & Gin Kitterman


in 1968. Howard and Naomi took over operations and remained with the resort until their passing in 1981. For a short time after their passing the resort was managed by their younger son, Jim. Their older son, Bud, along with his wife, Gin, began full time operation of the resort in 1984 and are still actively involved with the resort today.

rick_peg_grandson-300x298Their son, Rick and his wife Peg, joined the family tradition in 2004. A retired probation officer, Rick enjoys the business of dealing with people who choose to be customers — unlike those in his previous occupation. Peg, a former hairdresser from Illinois, thrives on providing resort guests with examples of her gastronomical delights as well as entertaining four grandchildren during the summer. They built a retirement home behind the resort before arriving for a second career in hospitality. Their sons, Jason and Jared, were dock boys at the resort while still in school, and Jason’s son, JT, is continuing his Dad’s dock-boy tradition during summer vacations.

cheryl-300x259Dan Gentry, Bud and Gin’s son-in-law, joined the team full-time in 2007 after retiring from the criminal justice system in Lee County, Florida. He and his wife, Cheryl, have built a home down the road from the resort. Cheryl is a former nurse-midwife and most recently a program director of a non-profit early intervention program.  She retired in 2014 and joined the resort crew in 2015.

Tom & CarolCheryl’s younger sister Carol, and her husband, Tom Kossaris, became resort team members after their retirement as educators with the Rock Island, Illinois School District in 2014. They reside in a home they built between Rick’s and Cheryl’s.

Randy & KimRandy and Kim Kitterman reside in Indiana, but during their vacations, they help out at Anchor Inn with routine maintenance and continued improvements (and assistance with the construction of the three new homes). They look forward to retiring to Minnesota in the future.

The Kitterman family is proud of its four generations of ownership and operations. Many of Anchor Inn’s repeat guests are very familiar with the Kitterman grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Kittermans consider their many guests as extended family members.

“Please join us for a family resort vacation earmarked by “Hoosier Hospitality” – courtesy, good service and friendliness reflective of our family’s Midwestern roots. Call 1-888-798-2718 or fill out the Check Availability Form to begin planning your next family fishing or hunting excursion in the northwoods.