Anchor Inn Resort

Get Back to Nature at Anchor Inn Resort

Nature is abundantly present and easily accessible during a stay at Anchor Inn Resort. The aurora borealis (or northern lights) frequently light up the night sky with breathtaking displays of its colorful brilliance. Our 80 acres of wooded land teem with wildlife and are ripe for exploration. While hiking our land or one of the trails through the nearby Chippewa National Forest guests can track deer and bear, enjoy the antics of chipmunks, watch beaver build their domes, or gaze at a soaring bald eagle. One of our resident eagles often lands on our docks so you can see it up-close.  Sit and relax on the shore of the Bowstring River in the company of the great blue heron while watching our resident family of mallard ducks feed in the lily pads.

Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or just a casual admirer of nature you’ll find a peaceful setting and abundant wildlife during your stay at Anchor Inn Resort. Call 1-888-798-2718 for reservations or information.