Anchor Inn Resort

The Fishing Bridge at Anchor Inn Resort

Some of Minnesota’s best family-friendly fishing with a high likelihood of catching fish is found on the Anchor Inn Bridge just steps from our Lodge. The bridge extends across the Bowstring River at the north end of Little Sand Lake. Go ahead and drop your line right off the bridge. You can catch panfish and crappies off the bridge nearly all day long, but your best bet for a walleye or other larger fish is either early morning or early evening, according to the tipsters we talked to.

Since being originally built in the late 1920s, the bridge has been replaced several times and continues to be a hotspot for fishing and catching of all species. The historic bridge was recently rebuilt in 2019 and a dedicated fishing lane was added that separates anglers from the driving lanes by a concrete barrier.

Fishing from the Anchor Inn Bridge is fun for all ages.