Anchor Inn is one of the Best Minnesota Deer Hunting Resorts

Deer Opener in Minnesota is met with an unbridled excitement that is hard to describe. Businesses close for opening day and many wives and small children are often left to fend for themselves as the “hunters” in the family hunker down in deer stands until their prizes are taken. In fact, the fervor created by Minnesota deer hunting is second only to the opening day of walleye season.

Anchor Inn Resort has been catering to hunters and their “widows” for years with a long history as a sportsman’s favorite. Located in the Chippewa National Forest the resort is ideally located to act as headquarters for your next deer hunt! Call 218-659-2718 today for reservations or more information on your next deer hunt.

The white-tailed deer is Minnesota’s most popular wildlife species. Each year, roughly 500,000 hunters harvest roughly 200,000 of these amazing creatures. Deer can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and leap over an 8-foot-tall fence.

Adult female white-tailed deer weigh about 145 pounds, males 170. The heaviest whitetail ever recorded in the United States was a 500-pound Minnesota buck.

The Chippewa National Forest contains over 1.2 million acres of forested land and is an ideal habitat for this beautiful animal. Most of the land is public and, therefore, is open to hunters. However, be sure that you are not in a posted “No Hunting” area because there are private lands within the forest. There are a variety of seasons including black powder, bow and rifle and there is usually an early date for a youth hunt. Doe permits are available (given out by zones in limited numbers.) but you must apply for them.

NOTE: Completion of a Hunter Education/Firearms Safety course is now required to purchase a hunting license for anyone born on or after Dec. 31, 1979. Click here for the full story:

Minnesota Deer Hunting Information

  • Archery Deer Hunting Season — Sept. 18 thru Dec. 31, 2021
  • Firearm Deer Hunting Season — Nov. 6-21, 2021
2021 Minnesota Hunting Regulations
Minnesota Mandatory Deer Registration Information
2021 Deer Zone Map
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