Get Involved – Share your opinion with the DNR on Northern Pike slot regulation.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking input on the Northern Pike Experimental Regulation on the Sand Lake chain in Itasca County. The regulation shows a positive impact on our fisheries increasing the size of the northern pike caught and decreasing the once typical catch of “hammer-handles”. The numbers and sizes of pike caught and harvested support continuing and improving this regulation. The harvest shows a noticeable increase in the size of pike within the current slot. Many have been in the 25 to 28 inch, five to seven pound range. Always return all slot fish in a responsible manner to the water.

The waters of Minnesota belong to all people. So all anglers, resident and non-resident should respond to this survey.

Consistency in the regulation across the state as proposed by the state zone approach is our preferred option, Option A.

So complete the survey today. Your input is important. Send it to the Grand Rapids office at the address appearing at the bottom of the second page by the deadline of October 10, 2017.

To view and print copy of the PDF file of the survey, click here: DNR 2017 comment sheet NP