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Legendary Duck Hunting

From Anchor Inn Resort


Duck hunting opportunities abound near Anchor Inn ResortAnchor Inn Resort's history is "anchored" in catering to the sportsman.  Located just upriver from Rice Lake - Anchor Inn provides guests with easy access to some of the best duck hunting habitat that you can find in Minnesota.  Rice Lake is a shallow body of water thickly covered by wild rice.  It is a natural refuge for waterfowl and makes Anchor Inn an outstanding lodging choice for duck hunters!  Call today at 1-888-798-2718 for reservations or information.


Minnesota's duck population can be divided into two groups:

Puddle ducks live in shallow marshes (puddles) and rivers and feed by dabbling.  You can often see their bottoms tipped up as they feed in the shallows.  These ducks also feed often in grain fields. Puddle ducks are able to lift off from water or land immediately.  Minnesota puddle ducks are the mallard, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, cinnamon teal, pintail, gadwall, wigeon, shoveler, wood duck, and black duck.

This photo of a Goldeneye was shot by photographer and Anchor Inn guest, Gary Soper from Kankakee, ILDiving ducks spend their time in large, deep lakes and rivers. They feed on fish, shellfish, mollusks, and aquatic plants by diving, often to deep depths.  They can swim long distances underwater by kicking their large paddle feet.  Diving ducks can't launch from water straight into the air like puddle ducks can.  Instead, they patter along the water surface for several yards before becoming airborne.  Minnesota diving ducks are the canvasback, redhead, ringneck (also called ringbill), scaup (also called bluebill), goldeneye, bufflehead, and ruddy duck.


Duck and Canada Goose Hunting Tips


Three generations of Kitterman hunters have hunted the area around Anchor Inn Resort.  Read on for some of their duck hunting tips...


Rice Lake to the north of Anchor Inn is a designated resting area for waterfowl beginning with the opening of duck season.  Although boat motors are not allowed, it is not restricted from duck hunters using non-motorized boats.  This shallow lake has lots of cover for the ducks and has been a duck hunting favorite for many years.  Just a short ride from Anchor Inn down the river (which flows to the north) will bring you to Rice Lake.  Canada geese and many varieties of duck including  mallards, blue bills, wood ducks, and teal can be found there.  Anchor Inn's history as a hunting lodge is directly tied to our proximity to this great waterfowl hunting area. 



NOTE:  Completion of a Hunter Education/Firearms Safety course is now required to purchase a hunting license for anyone born on or after Dec. 31, 1979.  Click here for the full story: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/safety/index.html


Helpful Duck Hunting Links:

Duck Identification Guide

Federal Migratory Bird Reports

Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations


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